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      Yangzhou Best New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, the production and operation of PP polypropylene, PE polyethylene as the main raw materials of all kinds of industrial special textiles, is a professional industrial cloth manufacturer. The company plans to invest a set of domestic most advanced flat wire production line, warping production line and wide-width Swiss Sulzer projectile loom and other production equipment.It is estimated that the annual production of all kinds of fabrics will reach more than 30 million square meters. The company has a wide range of products, the main products are artificial lawn cloth, carpet cloth, two floor cloth, geotextiles, agricultural cloth, etc., widely used in the production of artificial lawn, carpet, mat;Construction of railways, highways and water conservancy projects;Agriculture, environmental protection and many other fields. Company founder Mr. Chen Ouxiang worked successively in Bona and Beaulieu, engaged in production and technical management for many years, proficient in international advanced production technology, has a strong new product research and development ability. 【more】


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